Q: What is needed to place an order?

A:  Decide on what's in your layout. Provide all art layout elements needed. Approve art  and layout. Complete approval for Sales Order and provide CC payment.

Q: Are rush orders possible?

A: Yes, depending on our workload and what is being requested. We realize that most customers prioritize their specific work. Our goal is to please our customers.

Q: Do you require a minimum order?

A: No. However making more than one of a product can result in cost savings.  Also, consider using the product at multiple locations, or for additonal copies needed due to outdoor wear conditions.

Q: What if I only have an idea for the artwork?

A: We suggest that you  indicate and describe your idea or provide a simple sketch which we will review. We will make suggestions. Perhaps you have only some design elements such as a logo. Show what you have to us. Check to see what vector and bit map files you have.  We will discuss this with you.  You will have to approve any final layout before we proceed.

Q: How long is does it take for an order to be finished?

A: Turnaround time is between 1/12 to 2 weeks,  depending on the quantity and design requirements.

Q: Is there an additional charge for a rushed order?

A: Yes, sometimes, this is a matter of common sense and specific details, depending on how fast the order is needed.  This also depends on the order volume we have at any given time. We try hard to accomodate the customer, so we often will forgo rush charge when volume is light.  When necessary, this additonal cost consideration varies from 10% to 50%.

FAQ  -   Frequently Asked Questions