Armbands - Solid Color or Printed

General Information

  • Armbands are available in solid colors in nylon fabric with nylon back lining.  For a more economical product, armbands are also available in solid colors that are printed using pigmented ink on treated polyester fabric.  For nylon solid color arm bands, colors can be chosen from our nylon fabric chart.  Colors for pigmented ink sashes can be easily determined by assigning Pantone numbers which can give a more extended range of colors, or allow for multiple colors, such as a tri-color sash.
  • Arm bands are available fully customized with copy and design.  This can be as simple as having a printed word or number, or printed with your specific copy, logo or design layout.  For best results, your custom layout elements should be vector based.  If you have questions about the artwork, please contact us.
  • Size:  Generally, the arm bands that we produce are sized at 4" high x 8" wide with elastic attached on the back side from short side to short side.  However, if you require modifications to  this measurement, we can make adjustments.  Pricing adjustments might be required.
  • Pricing:  Based on the quantity of the entire group,  and whether the sashes are all identical.  Variations of copy and designs are possible.

Solid Color Arm Bands - Pigmented Ink on Treated Polyester Fabric
  • Solid color 4"x8"
  • Treated Polyester fabric arm bands printed with Pigmented Ink.
  • Made with elastic band connected from short side to short side.  
  • Colors can be based on Pantone numbers for extensive color variation.

Solid Color Arm Bands - Pre-Dyed Nylon Solid Color

  • Pre-dyed nylon solid color arm bands are made with 200 doo denier pre-dyed factory nylon.  This is an industry standard fabric dyed with great saturation and brilliant vibrant color. 
  • Elastic band connected from short side to short side allow for ease of wearing.
  • Made 4"x8" with nylon same color back lining for stability and strength.
  • Double-needle hemming for both sides and elastic.
  • Colors of fabric can be chosen from our nylon fabric chart.

Printed Arm Bands - Pigmented Ink on Tretaed Polyester Fabric with Printed Copy or Design

  • Size 4"x8" printed customized layout for greatest economy.
  • Treated Polyester premium fabric arm bands are made with a special coated fabric that is especially receptive to pigmented ink for excellent color and durability.
  • Elastic bands on the back side  connect from short side to short side for ease of use.
  • These elastic bands are provided with a back lining for greater stability.
  • Sashes can be printed all identical or with variations.
  • We can set up basic layouts for you with words and/or numbers, or print your customized layout.
  • We suggest that you contact us with your details, including information regarding quantity, item description, use date and any additional relevant information.

Solid Color -  Pre-Dyed Nylon Solid Color Fabric or Pigmented Ink on Treated Polyester Fabric