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Requesting Nylon and Polyester Swatches

Over 65 colors of 200 denier nylon are available.
We can provide a limited number of swatches for you to review,
setting a limitation of 12 swatches per request.
We do not provide swatch cards. It is important that you indicate the name and color number  for each specific swatch in your request.
For those who make their own flags, please note that each  nylon swatch is the same fabric we use to make flags and banners for our customers.  This also applies to the polyester swatches you might request. 
 welcome your Questions:
Cost, Products,  Specs, Construction Turn-around Time
We welcome your inquiry.
Please be as specific as possible,
providing adequate information regarding product, size, quantity, intended use. 
Please indicate any concerns you may have. Details can be stated on the contact form.

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