Custom Flags and Banners

Custom Flags and Banners - PDF

Flags and Banners - The Construction Difference

Flags:  Flags are made to fly outside in the wind or be displayed on a pole in an indoor display area, or to be marched with in a parade as you would with an honor guard.  They are made single-side, single-reverse, or double-side in construction. 

The flags that we construct are primarily dye printed using the dye-sublimation method on polyester fabric.  It is important that a flag shape be flexible and light in weight.  The flag is anchored to a mast or pole from the left side, called the hoist.  The finishing method is to provide heading and grommets for outdoor use or a vertical pole sleeve for indor display or marching. 

We also make nylon striped and solid color attention flags that are used for display.  Variations of these attention getting flags can be made in either portrait or landscape in shape and are described as having standard rectangular flag shape or what is called a tall flag,
which is the extended vertical portrait shaped flag.

Banners Banners are made to display by attaching to a wall
or hanging from a railing or building.  They can be used indoors or outdoors and can be displayed on podiums, outrigger flag poles in front of buildings, displayed as marching banners, table displays, etc. 

In a similar manner to flag construction, banners may be made
single-side or double-side.  Banners usually are meant to be attached and displayed by anchoring the top using grommets, roping or cables.  They can be constructed using nylon, polyester, vinyl or synthetic fabrics.  The banners can be dye printed on polyester or printed with pigmented ink.

flag diagrams -Construction
Coutny flag applique trimmed
sewing flag picture
College conference banner
angled outrigger flag
Epilepsy flag
Mercedes outdoor flag.
DeMatteis Corp outdoor flag.
display hanging banners with cord and tssels.