Grommets, Fringe, Dowel Crossbar with Twist Tassel, Polyester Heading Tape, Leather Tabs and Velcro
  • Bright brass grommets and washer sets
  • Size #2 grommet and washer
  • Packaged 25 sets to a bag
  • For use with headings and hem lines, etc. for flags and banners, tarps, backgrounds, curtains, etc.
  • 2" Bullion Fringe sold in 6 yard increments
  • Available in 2 colors: White or Yellow Gold
  • Fringe colors match available cord and tassel colors
Small Dowel Crossbar with Twist Tassel
  • 3/8" Plain Wood Dowel
  • 2" gold color wood balls
  • Small twist tassel used as hanging cord, either White or Yellow Gold
This item can be cut to different sizes.  The measurements below correspond to the width of your banner between the gold ball ends.  The actual length is 4'" longer due to the gold ball ends on either end.
  • 12" long (Special size for extra small banners or bannerettes (for 12" wide banner)
  • 18" long (for a 18" podium banner)
  • 20" long (for a 20" podium banner)
  • 24" long (for a 24" podium banner)
  • 28" long for a 18" podium banner)
  • 30" long (for a 30" podium banner)
Ideal for use with Podium Banners, Lectern Banners, and Bannerettes
Polyester Heading Tape
  • Pre-folded heading tape made of White polyester fabric
  • Sold in 6 yard increments OR 50 yard rolls
  • Available in 3 sizes - measured by the width
  • Size 1" tape for 12"x18" through 2'x3'flags
  • Size 1.5" tape for 2'x3' through 5'x8' flags and wall banners
  • Size 2" tape for 6'x10' and larger flags, across-the-street banners, etc.
Leather Tabs
  • 7/8" x 2 1/2" leather attachment tabs with a slit cut at one end to allow attachment to a screw or nail
  • Can be sewn into pole hems and hemlines
  • Sold in increments of 6 units
  • This is the item that we sew into a display flag manufactured with a pole hem in order to attach the flag to a vertical pole
  • 5/8" White adhesive-backed Hook Velcro
  • 5/8" White adhesivebacked Loop Velcro
  • Sold in 6 yard increments

Flag Finishing Supplies