Golf Flag - Custom & Stock, Blanks, Poles & Cups   Polyester & Nylon

We offer a range of GOLF FLAG Products.  

We can custom make golf flags for you with brilliant dye-printed layouts fully customized, OR you can purchase them for do-it-yourself screen printing or embroidery.

Golf flags are made either of 100% nylon or 100% polyester.  In both cases we use 200 denier fabric.  Discounts are available for quantity purchases.  If you have questions in this regard, please contact us.  Polyester flags are produced in basic White fabric coloration, whereas nylon flags can be provided in numerous different factory-dyed colors.  We suggest for nylon flag purchase, you consult our nylon fabric chart.   Purchases can be made through our site or our site.  These are our e-commerce sites.

Standard finishing of our golf flags, whether polyester or nylon, consists of  double-needle 1/4" hemmed sides and fly end, 1" White polyester heading and 2 brass grommets, OR double-needle 1/4" hemming on 4 sides with the left hemmed side attached to the vinyl extrusion of a rotator tube.  
  • Custom Golf Flags:   Our custom golf flags are made in regulation 14"x20" size in dye-printed polyester fabric.  These colorfast flags are available constructed single-sided or double-side with lining.  They can be finished with polyester heading and grommets or sewn to a vinyl rotator tube that can be placed on top of a regulation pole.
  • Solid Color Golf Flags:  We make solid one color golf flags using nylon fabric.  These flags can be made in an available nylon fabric color with heading or rotator tubes.
  • Nylon Golf Print and Embroidery Blanks: Used for screen printing, heat transfer printing or embroidery, our nylon blank solid color flags are available in most nylon fabric colors and are finished with heading and grommets.  They can be provided structurally with one or two layers of nylon fabric to facilitate embroidery needle penetration.
  • Polyester Golf Flag Trade Blanks: Available in quantity, these blank polyester flags are ideal for dye-sublimation.
  • Stock Golf Flags: Assorted layout specific to the sport of golf are available.
  • Golf Cups: For the golf course.
  • Golf Poles: Regulation 7' fiberglass golf poles come with bottom ferrule and top screw cap to hold golf flag in place.  Rotator golf tubes slide on to the top of the poles.
  • Vinyl Rotator Tubes: Golf flags are sewn on to tubes which can be placed on golf poles to insure maximum swivel movement in the wind.
Custom Polyester Golf Flags:   Using Dye-Sublimation Process on Polyester Fabric

Custom golf flags can have printed customer provided layouts or layouts that we have customized.  These layouts are dye-printed on polyester fabric in the standard golf flag size of 14"x20".  The flags are printed using colorfast dye-sublimation ink on 200 denier Dacron polyester fabric.
There is a minimum requirement of 6 units. 

Pricing is based on quantity and whether all the layouts of the flags are identical or are customized in the sense that they have differing design elements.  For example: Individual golf flags may have different numbers or logos or sponsor names.  Usually there is a basic cost for printing and if customized with changes, an additional fee.

  • Dye-Sublimation Print Process: 200 denier Dacron polyester fabric usint dye-sublimation ink.

  • Single-side only.

  • Finished with: Double-needle hemming, Heading and grommets.

  • Optional vinyl header tube (which can be placed on to golf pole and keeps the flag from sliding down the pole)

  • Customized Components: The 3 essential components of this custom product: Tournament Name, Sponsor Name, Hole Number

  • We do have discounts for quantity - ask us about our discounts when requesting a quote.

Nylon 1-Color Golf Flags:   Solid color flags, print and embroidery blanks

Nylon regulation size 14"x20" solid color blank flags can be made to be used for color identification for a specific purpose or location.  They can also be used as attention color flags generally. These flags can also be used for customization using heat transfer materials or embroidery.
Purchase Options:  They can be purchased in various colors as blanks for customzied layouts.  You have an option to have the flags manufactured with double-needle hemming and brass grommets or hemmed and attached to vinyl rotator tubes.  In both cases, the flags can be used for outdoor use. The flags can be easily attached to the golf poles using nylon cable ties.  When supplied with the vinyl rotator tubes, the tubes can be easily placed on the top of a golf pole and held in place by the cap on the pole. 
Construction:  Golf flags are constructed using 200 denier colorfast nylon.  Besides embroidery and heat transfer, the flags can be marked with permanent dye markers.  Assorted colors available.  Blank solid color nylon golf flags can be purchased in a minimum quantity of even 1 unit per color.  However, when purchased in quantity for resale as heat transfer or embroidery blanks, there would be a minimum quantity of at least 6 units in order to receive a re-seller discount.

Golf Flag Accessories:   Vinyl Header Rotator Tubes, Golf Cups, Golf Poles

Vinyl Header Tube Specifications:
  • Plastic tube with 1" vinyl header
  • Mounts on golf poles
  • Can be sewn to nylon or polyester blank golf flags
  • 3/4" diameter x 13.5" in height
  • 6 unit minimum purchase required (discounts would be determined as quantity increases)
  • The top of the tube has a hole that allows he golf pole to pass through
It might take up to 2 weeks for availability.  Anticipate your needs, order early!
Golf Poles: 
  • Available in 7' length with capped top.
  • Manufactured in fiberglass.
  • Minimum purchase may be required.
  • Quantity orders available.  Pricing according to quantity.  Please anticipate requirements and timing when placing an order.  Contact us for details.
Golf Cups - Standard Size: 
  • Regulation size - Standard size 4" diameter with 6" depth.
  • For insertion into green on a golf course.