• Dye-sublimation ink on 200 denier polyester fabric
  • Pigmented ink on treated polyester fabric
  • Pigmented ink on scrim vinyl
  • Nylon Fabric solid color or striped
  • Single-sided or double-sided  
  • Available with pole hems on top and bottom or top only


  • Seasonal
  • Sales
  • Color Series
  • Holliday Collection
  • U.S. Flags Stars & Bars
  • Nylon colors

Layout element templates for light pole avenue banners can be placed horizontally or vertically with copy and/or logo positioned on the top of the banner, the center of the banner, or the bottom of the banner.  Copy can also be stacked horizontally or vertically. 

Light pole avenue banners are mounted on banner arms with leather tabs provided within the pole sleeves as an anchoring devide to the crossbars the banners are mounted on.  A small hole with a slit in the tab can be used in conjunction with a set screw or nylon cable (zip) tie to secure the banners to the crossbars.  The leather tabs are sewn into the pole sleeve with the slit of the tab protruding for easy asscess in mounting.  Banner arms consist of a pole with cap, mounting strps and brackets.

Light Pole Mounting Sets

Mounting Sets include DCA mounting sets for two banners mounted on one light pole, and SCA mounting sets for one banner mounted on one light pole.
Each set includes 2 aluminum pass-thru brackets, 2 aluminum pole arms with caps, and 4 stainless steel strap bands with threaded tightening assembly.
If you require square U-Bolts for square poles, square bolts will be substituted for standard steel strap bands. 
Sizes available: DCA or SCA sets for sizes 18", 24", 30" and 36" poles.

Light Pole Banner - Avenue Banner