Outrigger banners are used for display, advertising or identification which are mounted on the face of a building on a flagpole.  They may be rectanguler in shape or made with angle cut depending on the type of pole and the angle of the pole relative to the perpendicular building face.  They are usually double-side, with copy legible correctly on both sides of the banner.
Various attachment methods can be set up for the banner, ranging from heading and grommets to roped heading or pole lsleeves.  The size of the banner is determined by the length of the flagpole.
Outrigger banners are used for advertising, identification and display.  They can dramatically enhance th venue, location and building appearance, while performing the intended display purpose.
  • Dye-sublimation ink on 200 Denier Dacron polyester fabric
  • Pigmented ink on treated polyester fabric
  • Pigmented ink on scrim vinyl
Outrigger banners are suspended from banner poles mounted on the face of a building.  A rectangular shape is appropriate for a pole parallel to the ground.  Measure pole angle to determine necessary corresponding banner angle.  Other options: sand pocket, non-tangle rod patch, borders.
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